Sunday, April 7, 2013

sudden post

is been so many years since i last post, hi guys i am still playing badminton twice a week, and now i am a working adult, i play actively during my national service, represent my camp, and now i represent my company.

Hope you guys still actively playing :)

Monday, April 27, 2009

Training drills preparation for competition

Dear all,

Due to the demand from the public I would like to share my training drills to achieved a proper preparation for competitions.

After the completion of the basic technical applications we are ready to move on to the next phase of training.

We will start from the front court coverage drill :

1) Players required 3, 1 trainee covering the full court on 1 side of the court, 2 trainers on the opposite side. Of which 1 trainer covers front court and the other covers the back court.
2) Training start with natural rally by which the trainers will send shuttles to front left and right and the forehand of the back court into the trainee's court at random.
3) Trainee will send shuttles back diagonally from the point of delivery.
4) Training will last for about 15 mins beginning from the first drill, and 5 mins increase on every subsequent drills. Each drill will need about 5 to 10 mins rest intervals.

Enjoy your training, and please write to me if you are not sure of the drill at

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Does expensive equipment important ?

anybody give some comment on this

Saturday, November 8, 2008

lossing to a player that is weaker than you

I believe that most of the badminton player went through this even the international player like Lin Dan. That event happen in 2004 which he lost to Ronald Susilo. It happened to me as well. This shows that badminton is not all about physical and skills, it also about mental skills.

I remembered during my teens, i had played with the same player 2 times and i always had a close fight with him but lost to him during competition, I keep asking myself why i always lost to him, but i could not find an answer. I found out the answer after the last time i played with him and won the game during our college competition.

The answer that i keep lossing to him is because I WAN to win him too much and keep making mistake. The last time i played with him, i just have a mindset that keep ever shuttles in the court and winning and lossing is not important to me , will just play a good badminton game.

So guys having different mindset in different situation is important in badminton.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Choking in badminton

Choking is what others refer as Stage Fright,Freakout,Shock,Panic,Lost,Confuse,don't know what to do orI don't know what the hell am I doing in there.

This occurs only you do not have a routine to followin your game,nervous,unknown like don't know who am I playing against,or known like I am playing with a verygood player no chance,making a mistake and not getting back where you actually belong.

As an elite athlete you MUST be able to control this situation and NOT THE VICTIM to the situation.

So the first basic principle is set up a routine. How to go about?

when we train a particular technical skill over and over... again and again.

We are actually searching which is the most effective time to strike the shuttle, eg. how high and at what distance am I away from the shuttle. (SENSING DISTANCE)

What impact speed am I supposed to hit it. How do I feel the impact upon contact. (FEELING THE STRENGTH)

What sound did I hear, a solid one,a soft one or onethat I think that it hits the frame. (HEARING THE IMPACT)

How fast is the shuttle speed (FEELING THE SPEED)

hat is the flight like? too low too high or just high enough to clear pass the opponent. (SEEING THE FLIGHT)

And lastly what do you feel about that shot, feeling good,satisfactory feeling, accomplishment feeling.

While your mind is going through' all this you are focusing your training. When you are focus your mind is fully occupied on what you are doing out there and result you will not choke. You are under control of what you are doing and what you are supposed to do.

Friday, July 25, 2008

measure your training

One of the ways to measure your training on technical skills will be writing down all the technical skills. and state down how many hours you had train for each skills per week, it is very simple to do that. This allow you to check and measure which skills u are weak at and which do not have enough training.

You can also do it using microsoft excel.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

destress yourself in sports

Training stress management is like mental and physicaltrg. Learning to relax is one of it. Example is after a hard day you walk into your bathroom and while taking a shower you close your eyes and run your face under the shower head you feel the water massaging your eyes. It is a good feeling, and stick your tongue out to reach for the water you will feel that you are rehydrating and the thirst is been satisfied. Squat fully under the shower and close your eyes and feel you are under a waterfall while the water is splashing on your back.

These are some example you can do and to add more you can even massage some of the tight muscle you have. This is how you train during the period you have no stress and when you have stress you already know what to do.

Pre- comp strategy trg is preparing yourself before a competition. Example is a week before your competition you go to the gym to rep up : intensive interval method trg.